Each of you can make a big difference by becoming Yes Dance Ambassadors by referring people to Yes Dance, or promoting our new 5 weeks courses, subscribing to our Youtube page Here.

We have 2300 Yes Dance members, but only 50 subscribers on our youtube channel. When we reach 100 we can have our own url for Youtube that we can put on flyer and so on. So please subscribe to our channel and you can find any class you have miss and learn the steps that way. If you use instagram make sure you follow us and use # YesDance705; same with FB: Yesdance2.0. know many of you do it already, but if you have not done any of this yet, this is a great place to start. Ambassadors please ask the front desk for Yes Dance business cards and the 50% off cards so you can give your friends.

Also another way to help is to purchase Gift-cards for your love ones now that the holiday season is arriving. Purchase Here or at  the front desk.

Great news is that one of our members is designing a management software program for us, that will make everything more smooth and proficient.

We still need volunteers or inters in the following areas

~Marketing including website design and others

~Blog writer

~Newsletter editor

~Outreach director

~Yes Dance Shopper (smart and final)

~Sound specialist

~Designers (window and others)

Any volunteer or Intern gets free classes and services upon agreement of services. If you know some one who can help in this areas, please contact Monica in person or by emailing resume at or

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