Member Highlight: Karina Amaro

Karina Amaro is a part of Yes Dance Global Bachata dance team, which will be performing at the Yes Dance 6thanniversary celebration on Saturday (Jan 26, 2019). Her enthusiasm and joy are a wonderful addition to the Yes Dance community.

YDHow did you become involved with Yes Dance studio?

Karina Amaro and her daughter

Karina. I always grew up around music and dance but never found the opportunity to study it/try it in a structured setting. I was exposed to many types of dance while living away in New York City, and when I returned to Santa Barbara I was determined to eventually take a legitimate dance class. So, one day a friend and I decided to try a Yes Dance salsa class, and I ended up loving it. Now, I have become a very regular member of Yes Dance!

YDHow has this community changed or influenced your life?

Karina. The Yes Dance community has positively influenced my life in so many ways. Mentally and physically dancing is a great way to keep your mind and body active, but socially it’s just as great of a tool. I have met many wonderful people from many walks of life, and I’ve made some great friends that I may not have met otherwise.

YDWhat are your other interests and hobbies besides dance?

Karina. I spend a lot of my time learning. I have a three-year old daughter who is constantly teaching me about life and about myself. I am also studying to become a clinical lab scientist, which has taken an overwhelming amount of work but has been an awesome journey.  

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