Carla Sandoval

Since the age of 5, Carla Sandoval has realized she has a great thrive for the performing arts. Carla would create little dance skits to show to her family at a very young age. She also participated in the dance drill team in elementary school. Carla continued dancing throughout her four years of high school. She started taking beginner classes at  the SBHS Dance Department  her Freshman and Sophomore year.  Her Junior year she was apart of the Santa Barbara Donette Dance Team and competed in the “Miss Drill Team USA’’.  Later on she was awarded in the National PTA Dance Reflection ‘’Let Your Imagination Fly’’ in 2015. Her senior year she was in the dance production class where she was awarded “Top Don”. She was also  captain of the Santa Barbara Donette Dance Team and was awarded ‘’Best Performer”. Carla also auditioned and performed for the 2017 “Bash” show with her crew,  where they had the opportunity to fundraise money to help organize a dance program for the local Jr. high students. She has also taught several Hip Hop routines for the SBHS students which was then performed at the their Winter Recital. Not only does she have a huge passion and thrive for dance, she has learned that dance has changed her into a very confident, independent and optimistic woman. Dance has shown her that it’s not the technique nor experience that makes you a better dancer, it’s the love you have for it and the hard work you put into it.


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