Monica Dabos Phd

Yes Dance Founder

Dr. Monica Dabos, an educator by trade and a dancer by heart, is the founder of Yes Dance!, a non-profit organization now located at 705 Paseo Nuevo, on State Street in Santa Barbara. A turbulent upbringing in Argentina and unconventional life choices have instilled in her a deep desire for fostering social inclusion at all levels. Bringing the community together whether teaching statistics or salsa is a passion for Monica and Yes Dance! is a manifestation of that passion.  Located among Santa Barbara’s most infinite bar scene, Monica is introducing a new concept to the Santa Barbara community: fun downtown without alcohol. Participants not only learn how to dance salsa, bachata and other Latin dances, but they also develop deep connections with their peers during the open social dances. All ages and skill levels are welcomed, making it possible for parents, children, spouses, students and all other types of people to come together to learn the art of dance. Anyone who walks through the door gets an immediate sense of community when they see mingling between people of various socioeconomic statuses, educational levels, and cultural backgrounds. Monica believes that when alcohol-free alternatives are provided in a family-friendly environment that encourages, supports and values each individual through dance, “Magic Happens.” She wants to expand this magic to other locations  Goleta, Isla Vista, and even downtown Santa Barbara. She believes that as a society we need to provide healthy alternatives that are both fun and engaging. What better way to meet new people and become a part of a very special community than through the exhilarating and exciting world of dance.

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